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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BBG 114 Business Application Software

Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 101  
4 credits

This course provides hands-on, practical experience using computers for business. It begins with an introduction to computing fundamentals of hardware, operating system software and managing files. Heavy emphasis is placed on Excel. Considerable time is also spent on Word and PowerPoint and there is a brief introduction to Access. Students who successfully complete this course can state proficiency using Excel, Word and PowerPoint on their resumes. This course is recommended for anyone planning to transfer to a four-year institution as a Business major or planning to seek employment in an office environment. Note: This course uses the PC version of the Microsoft Office Suite. The Mac version is significantly different. Students with Macs must do their homework and studies on campus, where computers are available, or find other alternatives.