Dec 11, 2023  
2022 Catalog 
2022 Catalog

ESL 192 ESL Writing Workshop

Prerequisite: ESL 152  with a grade of C or higher, specified score on an ESL placement exam or permission of instructor.
4 credits (credit applicable to ESL Advanced Certificate; counts as a Humanities/Liberal Arts elective)

In this advanced writing course, students continue to develop fluency, clarity, organizational skills and the mechanics of effective writing with a focus on the linguistic and rhetorical requirements of second language learners. Course content and writing assignments are based on reading selections, out-of class research, complete works and student texts. Students write, revise and edit drafts, participate in group work and confer with teachers and peers. Assessment will be based on portfolios in addition to quizzes and tests. At least one section of this course may be offered in an online/hybrid version. Paired Course Option: A special section of ESL 192 is offered with a paired course such as Sociology or Psychology. Students get credit for a course that normally would require eligibility for ENG 101 . Writing assignments and class discussions are based on short reading selections, complete works, and student texts, all of which are related thematically to the paired course. Students write, revise, and edit drafts; participate in group work; and confer with teachers and peers. To assist students in mastering the material in the content course some time will be devoted to clarifying concepts, developing study skills, and revising assignments. Tutoring may be provided. Portfolio assessment required. Not offered every semester.