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2022 Catalog 
2022 Catalog

ESL 027 Oral Communication II

Prerequisites: Eligibility for ESL 022  or permission of the ESL Director
3 credits

This course is designed to increase students’ confidence and ability for the academic tasks of listening and understanding academic lectures, taking useful notes to capture the information in these lectures, discussing issues raised by the lectures, and presenting their own ideas to the class.  Various activities will prepare students for listening to videos of interesting lectures on different topics given to live student audiences.  Focused listening and note-taking tasks, as well as work with the academic vocabulary, will help students develop strategies for understanding the lectures and noting information presented in them.  Students will develop presentation skills by researching related information or ideas and addressing the class about them.  Individual, pair, and group activities will provide in-class practice and feedback.  There will be peer and teacher evaluations of disscussions and presentations and unit tests to assess students’ grasp of the lectures.  Out-of-class assignments, as well as some independent research, will prepare students for in-class speaking tasks.