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2022 Catalog 
2022 Catalog

Business Administration: Option in Finance A.S.#

Students pursuing a Business Administration A.S. with a focus in Finance should be interested in quantitative analysis and practical market knowledge with analytical skills. In addition to required business courses, students will be required to take liberal arts courses normally taken in the first two years at a four-year institution.

Advanced business finance courses should be taken at an institution to which the student wishes to transfer to obtain the baccalaureate degree. Students should be familiar with the requirements of the institutions to which they will transfer. Therefore, students should see an advisor before choosing elective courses because each transfer institution may have specific requirements.

Students should have a foundation in mathematics before entering this program.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all the Business Administration degree program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Prepare and interpret financial statements;
  2. Understand and discuss financial issues;
  3. Understand the American legal system and its impact on the operations of American and international business. Understand and apply principles of tort law, contract law, the uniform commercial code, law and government regulation;
  4. Examine and assess the role of fiduciary duties and ethical and social responsibilities;
  5. Analyze principles, techniques and major functions (planning, organizing, lending and controlling) of business enterprise management, improve decision-making, problem-solving and team-related skills;
  6. Understand marketing methods and institutions, including analysis and interrelationship of the marketing mix with consumer behavior;
  7. Demonstrate computer skills in word processing, electronic spreadsheets, general ledger accounting system and presentation software. Use the Internet for business purposes, including research, marketing and stock market analysis;
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of the United States economic system, its functions and impact on the global economy; and
  9. Demonstrate proficiencies in all aspects of business communication, professional business etiquette and business presentations.

Requirements (61 Credits)

Major Requirements (9 Credits)

Recommended Sequence of Study

Semester 3

Semester 4


* One of these must be an IDS ELE  Interdisciplinary Elective   course.

** Any ACC, BBG, BES, BFN, BMG, BMK or BBG 295  Cooperative Education Work Experience.

# Please see Catalog Home   for important information regarding this program and Fall 2023 opening of Connecticut State Community College.