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2022 Catalog 
2022 Catalog

Exercise Science Career Program A.S.#

The Exercise Science Program at Norwalk Community College is designed to provide fundamental and theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills necessary to assume the role of a health fitness professional in commercial and clinical settings.  With an emphasis on exercise physiology and health, the program integrates cutting edge research with fundamental theories of learning and basic clinical skills.  Graduates of the program will be prepared for a career in health fitness and will demonstrate sound communication skills, life-long learning, safe and effective care, within their legal scope, and compassion for those they work with.  Completion of the program will provide opportunities for further education leading to careers in exercise physiology and allied health.

Program Outcomes

To provide quality instruction that prepares highly qualified entry level Health Fitness Professionals to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of basic human anatomy and physiology and the impacts of exercise stressors on such structures and systems;
  2. Demonstrate entry level knowledge and skills necessary for safe and appropriate health screenings and appraisals;
  3. Display sound knowledge and clinical skills needed for exercise testing and prescription with a variety of populations;
  4. Practice sound, prudent, and ethical duties necessary in the health fitness profession;
  5. Develop leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills necessary to be an effective professional in this career path; and
  6. Effect continuous improvement of the profession by actively pursuing career development and maintenance of certifications.

Requirements (60 Credits)

College Core Requirements (32 Credits)

Semester 4


* Computer proficiency may be demonstrated through a designated college examination

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