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2022 Catalog 
2022 Catalog

Early Childhood Teacher Credential Studies A.A. (CSCU Transfer)

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Community College students can complete associate degree programs that transfer without hassle to all Connecticut State Universities and Charter Oak State College offering their major. Upon transfer, students are guaranteed full junior status and can complete a bachelor’s degree in their major without losing any credits or being required to take extra credits.

* No license is required to teach in a preschool setting.  In an accredited or state funded classroom:
         For an assistant or aide, the minimum requirement is a CDA.
         For a head teacher, the minimum requirement is an associate’s degree.
      To teach in a public preschool you will need to complete your BA and become certified through the CT Department of Education.

After completion of this program, you can apply to the OEC to obtain your ECTC A.

Click here for the Early Childhood Teacher Credential Studies A.A. (CSCU Transfer) program at NCC

For detailed information go to the CSCU Transfer page